Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hospital Bag

What to pack in the hospital bag? I often see this question posted so I'll add my list here...

-underwear - didn't wear mine. I wore those awesome mesh ones instead :) Actually, I took 2 pairs of these home and wore them the first 2 days at home too.
-comfy outfit for coming home
-comfy clothes for hospital stay - I didn't wear b/c I sported the hospital gowns the entire time. They were so much easier for breastfeeding.
-robe - was great for when we had visitors
-toiletries - I loved having my usual shampoo & etc to use
-makeup, hairbrush, hair ties - surprisingly I put on makeup the 2nd day b/c Ethan was being seen by the ped and I had energy
-chapstick - I can't live w/o it but it's nice to have when you're breathing through labor pains & drying out your lips
-cash for DH for snacks/meals
-snacks for DH during labor and I ended up eating a cereal bar in the middle of the night while up breastfeeding
-DH's comfy outfit, pajamas, toiletries, etc
-cell phone charger
-pillows from home - I loved that I had these
-it was suggested that I bring my breast pump in case I needed to pump but I didn't need to use it there.
-rice heating pack... would have been great for back labor but by that point I was too focused on my breathing to ask for it
-ipod - again, I was too focused on my breathing to even think about using it
-a little photo album with a few special pictures in it. This probably sounds silly but it can help with distraction for a bit ... pics of our cats, a wedding pic of us, our own birth hospital pics (motivation b/c I wondered if Ethan would look like either of us at birth)
-boppy- this was a necessity and I used it for each feeding
-slippers - I didn't use them but I've heard people who have had to walk the halls did
-nursing bra and tank - I didn't wear one until going home
-baby blanket
-baby outfits for hospital photo and for going home
-baby book for his footprints after birth
-DH swimsuit in case he got in the tub with me but I didn't use the tub

I always overpack and we needed a cart to take all of our stuff out but I'd rather have more than wish I had brought something.

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