Monday, May 11, 2009

He's an overachiever

At 14 weeks Ethan rolled over from belly to back, laughed at peek a boo, and found his feet ... all in ONE day! A week later he seems to be teething ALREADY!! He has been fussier, drooling more, and chewing on anything he can get into his mouth. There is a tiny white bump which appears to be a tooth breaking through. I cannot believe it!

He's also just about 15 pounds and ready to move out of the bassinet. I'm not ready for it but it's necessary. I love the ease of nighttime feeding with him right next to me. Now I'll have to listen for him on the monitor, drag myself out of bed and to his room to feed him. I'm sure I'll survive.

His current favorite toys are still Whoozit and Sophie. Chan is another favorite.
He prefers to chew on Sophie's face :)

Jacques the Peacock is a tummy time friend.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is his current favorite book.

He still loves bath time too.

We see lots of smiles at home but he's pretty serious around other people, especially if they are new to him. He doesn't like to miss a thing and watches everything going on around him.


  1. Wow - teething! Already?!? Overacheiver is right, lol. He's getting so big and doing so much now. I love the hooded towel pic too - those are always my favorites :)

  2. That last pic is so precious! You have such a beautiful little boy. Can't wait to visit with him again. :)

  3. I am worried that my baby may be allergic to caramel coloring too - he seems to have digestive probs and eczema, and I think it is related to trivisol. I have eliminated almost all dairy from my diet. Let me know what you discover related to his allergies.

    Enjoy your blog and the photos and links to great/useful/fun products too.

  4. Wow he's getting so big and more and more interactive! Fun! We hope to see him again soon!