Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sucking toes

is the cutest thing!!

Looks like he found them for the first time!

I distracted him so he missed his mouth.

Trying again

Nearly there

Tonight it seemed like he was using his big toe as a pacifier. It was hysterical!

Sucking his toes is not his only new trick. He uses both hands together to bring just about anything to his mouth. He is SCOOTING on his back too! He rarely ever stays still if you put him on the floor. Diaper changes are starting to get interesting. He's always been a squirmer but now he tries to scoot away from me! If you put him on his belly and put your hands on the bottom of his feet he can push off and move himself forward. I think that might be his favorite new game.

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  1. So so so cute! Who knew such a big boy could be so flexible :) There's hope for J.J. too!