Monday, May 2, 2011

December 2010 - pre-Harper

The first 7 days of December were split between wanting baby girl to arrive and wondering if we were ready.  There was so much to do but I was in no shape to do any of it.  I was so large and uncomfortable.  I didn't sleep well due to insomnia and contractions.  I woke for hours every night, ate a bowl of cereal, got caught up with the DVR, and waited to see if contractions continued.  Now I look back on that time fondly...Just me and baby in my belly who was kicking away... it was so quiet.  I'm glad that I had that time.

I just remembered how Ethan said "Boppy, Ow" because I said ow/ouch often.  Baby girl was putting a lot of pressure on me so walking was painful.  I don't want to be in that discomfort again but I wish I had a recording of Ethan saying that.  It was cute and he doesn't call me Boppy anymore.  He stopped calling me Boppy (the way he said Mommy) in December.

I had the most amazing pedicure just a few days before delivering Harper.  My feet were swollen balloons.
Ethan thought my toes were pretty, despite the swelling.

We continued preparing for Christmas by taking photos of Ethan in his Christmas outfit for our card:
 Ethan laughing at his silly daddy
Matt convinced Ethan to wear his winter hat by telling him it was "awesome".  Then Ethan called every thing awesome.

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