Saturday, December 31, 2011

May 2011

So, here it is the end of 2011 and I'd like to get this blog caught up.
I feel terrible that I haven't documented Harper's infancy the way I did with Ethan.  Please be sure, Harper, I am WITH you each moment, enjoying you, even if all of your milestones aren't documented here.  You are growing and changing so quickly and I've never been busier or happier.
In May according to my iPhone...

Harper was still in love with her froggy.
We celebrated her Christening Day.

We played outside a lot.  Ethan still insisted on wearing his cute boots with shorts, making them even cuter.
I set Harper up under this umbrella while I golfed with Ethan one morning.
I looked over moments later and she was sleeping.  She didn't put herself to sleep at this point in her life EXCEPT while outside and when it was time to go inside for lunch.
Molly, a neighbor dog, stopped for a treat nearly every evening along her walk.
Harper found her feet!!
Loving Springtime at our new house and new neighborhood.
Days of grocery shopping while wearing a baby.
Eating her feet... and ahhh, that fuzzy, bleach blonde hair!!!
We visited Strausburg and the trains.
The Choo Choo Barn was a hit!  We weren't sure if Ethan would be into it but he loved it.
Ethan was able to pet this little fawn!!!
Lucky, lucky boy :)

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