Tuesday, April 22, 2008


After finding myself reading more and more blogs I decided to create one. Why not? A little self indulgent? Maybe. I enjoy reading about other's ideas, interests, and lives. Perhaps something I post will be interesting, helpful, or entertaining to someone out there. We'll see how this goes.

First, why for the love of Bob? Well, I do love Bob. Just about everyone does. Bob started out as a nickname given to my husband by friends. It evolved into his even funnier than self alter ego after a few cocktails. This was before we met. We're nearing our 30's and I still hear the question "will Bob be out tonight?" when visiting with friends. He's a fun guy who I was fortunate enough to marry. We're now on a journey to have a Baby Bob. Now, that's not really what we plan to name a baby-to-be but it's what we may affectionately refer to him/her as from time to time. I do hope our future child(ren) inherit his incredible sense of humor. He keeps me laughing, even through the tough times.

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