Friday, April 25, 2008

A little lighter

I realize the post last night was a little heavy & serious. It is a serious topic. One that brings so many heavy emotions but Matt has taught me how important and helpful it can be to lighten things up a bit. Adding humor to this difficult time helps us get through it. I'll share some of that here.

Matt likes to make up names for medical equipment. The hospital staff probably thinks we're crazy because they hear us laughing while we're waiting around in the exam rooms.

First, Stirrups A.K.A. "Waddlers"

Why Waddlers? I asked him and he replied that they look like duck feet and ducks waddle :)

This piece? Well, I don't know the technical term for it (it's simply a light) but he calls that "The Robot".
Cracks me up!

See that tray thing in the corner of the picture below? Well, he thought that looked a bit robotic too. Then he remembered seeing a beaver on television recently and how amazingly flat their tales are. This robot has "beaver tails". Active imagination?

Along with the ultra sound machine that we stare at and try to decipher what the heck we are seeing. He likes to say all he sees is a "black hole" but he's getting better at recognizing follicles. We're both improving at telling whether or not they are measurable. Knowledge that we never knew we would need or want.

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