Friday, July 25, 2008

Family wedding/Vacation in NY

I've already posted on my usual message board about this so if you're from there & reading this, hello & sorry for the repeat. I wanted to have the memories posted here too.

Pictures from our vacation:
The VERY rustic cabin that Matt & I stayed in for 3 nights. It was an adventure that grew on us.

We had a roommate mouse stay with us (part of the adventure). Unfortunately, he ate THROUGH the unopened bag of Doritos. I was craving those for days so I was not happy about it.

Despite our rustic accommodations, it was a BEAUTIFUL vacation (and to be honest, anywhere with Matt is fun b/c no matter what happens, he finds a way to make me laugh about it). We fell asleep to the sound of this waterfall outside our cabin (while listening for the sound of the mouse).

Us on the deck of the Stonecat Cafe, overlooking a vineyard & garden. We had a delicious lunch there!!

One of my FAVORITE pictures from the 3 days spent near Seneca Lake.

A family friend's home where we celebrated 4th of July. The owners designed this amazing house.

We climbed through a state park in Watkin's Glen, NY one day. I say climbed because it was about 350 steps & incredible views.

Our main reason for this vacation was to celebrate a great aunt's wedding. Here is where she and her husband were married & some other views of the vineyard/winery.

Then we drove to Bolton Landing, NY to stay for a few more days.

where we enjoyed some time on Lake George

At the weeks end we were ready to come home to our girls (our cats). How cute are they with their heads popping up from behind the sofa?

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  1. LOL! at your picture of the Doritos bag with a mouse hole!

    And your girls look so must have your camera always handy! :)