Friday, July 25, 2008

Some articles I've wanted to post about

This first article is actually a blog post about the World's first infertility postage stamp! I wish the US had one. Here is my favorite part of the article where it describes the stamps image:

"The stamp issued by Portugal is beautifully designed and conveys the hopes of infertile couples with its imagery. The stamp shows a stylized silhouette image of a man and woman embracing a child. The image of the child is almost ghost-like in appearance, symbolizing the hope for the child, yet at the same time highlighting the fragility of conception for infertile couples."

I'm fascinated with this next article. I found it posted about on an after infertility message board that I frequent. Here is the headline so you can decide if you want to check it out or not. Warning, there are some pictures of the actual ovulation! If you don't want to see a picture of an ovary, follicle, and egg, then don't look.

Ovulation moment caught on camera

A human egg has been filmed in close-up emerging from the ovary for the first time, captured by chance during a routine operation.

It is amazing & not at all what I had pictured. During treatments we saw my follicles on the ultra sound monitor but they just looked like little black blobs/holes on there. I was amazed to see what mine probably looked like in real life.

I emailed the article to Matt and it took him a couple days to get to it it b/c he couldn't get over the pictures. When he finally read it he responded "AMAZING, but GROSS!"

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