Wednesday, November 19, 2008

7 years later

Seems like 7 years since my last post. I've been thinking of a lot of different things that I want to blog about/document on here but have been caught up with life. My job is in transition since we merged with a much larger company. I've been learning new documents and completing new tasks, all the while maintaining my caseload and trying to make sure paperwork is in order since I'll be on maternity leave in hopefully about 2 months (or less).

So ... 7 years later ... what I really meant by that is 7 years ago this week was the first week that Matt and I spent getting to know each other...the week we started 'dating'. It doesn't seem like that time in our lives was 7 years ago. Time has flown by.

On our way to childbirth education class on Monday night (we're doing a 4 wk course) we talked about how different our lives are now compared to then. We laughed and wondered if we knew then how our lives would be now, would we think we were boring 7 years later? We compared the differences:
--7 years ago this week our minds were focused on tailgating, happy hours, college classes, and all that the life of a college senior entails. Mostly fun stuff :)
--Now, this week, our minds have been focused on childbirth class, choosing a name for our son, making sure everything is set for my short term disability policies, planning dinners for the week, researching baby products, WORK, making plans and getting our house ready to host Thanksgiving. Not as much fun stuff but still an exciting time.

It's only fair to list some of the similarities in our lives from then and now too...
We're still spending as much time with each other as we can (that lazy time on the sofa together in the evenings is still my favorite part of the day), spending time with friends, and anxiously waiting for the PSU game on Sat (it's a BIG one).

Boring or not, we agreed that it's the way we want it to be. College was one of the greatest times in our lives but I wouldn't want to go back at this point. I'm thrilled with where we are RIGHT NOW. Being content is one of the greatest feelings I've ever known!!

Stayed tuned for pics from my awesome baby showers, our short list of possible baby names, belly pics, etc.

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