Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I think it was too cold last night for trick or treaters. We didn't have as many kids stop by as we usually do. I hope everyone had a nice night.

Here's another Fall/Halloween craft idea. I saw a pumpkin like this on the cover of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog last year and decided to make my own.

I bought a Funkin (fake pumpkin/craft pumpkin) from Michael's, cut out the bottom of it, drilled holes all over it, then put a strand of Christmas lights inside. I pushed a bulb from the Christmas lights through each hole (the lightbulbs fit snugly into the holes so I had to push and ended up with a blistered thumb. Make sure your holes are big but not too big for the lightbulbs). An easy and inexpensive decoration!

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