Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Around the house

Ethan currently enjoys exploring our house. He finds everyday items very interesting.

Door stops make a fun "booiiinnnggg" sound. No worries, we've tried to pull those little white rubber tips off. He's also supervised.

Laundry is FUN! He likes to practice standing against the dryer door. It also makes a very nice drum.

Making faces in the mirror is a hit. Of course he also likes to hit and lick the mirror :)

Playing in the kitchen with food storage containers.

His comb and a diaper cream container are drums as well. This keeps him occupied while I care for his eczema.

Laundry baskets are fun too!


  1. The faces in the mirror - omg, too much!

  2. So very cute! He's BIG. The kitchen photo where he's lying on his back really shows this. We have the Little Tykes piano too. I'll have to find a mixing bowl for mine too.

    I emailed the amazing story about the woman to my husband. That is so amazing - scary how the doctors never thought to look beyond their noses.... Mothers know best!