Monday, October 26, 2009

toys, toys, toys

We noticed that Ethan was becoming bored with his baby toys. Rattles were only entertaining him for so long. He's graduated from the exersaucer and jumparoo. Of course anything around our house becomes a toy and he still loves books, but we had fun toy shopping.

Here are some that have been Ethan's favorites over the past month or so...

Penguin These photos make me laugh!

Drums. Well, really, he makes just about anything a drum these days. He also enjoys when we put it together so that it rolls.

Busy Ball Popper is am occasional toy b/c it's loud. It was a gift. It scared him at first but now he's interested in how it works. He likes when the air blows in his face.

Activity Table
What we liked about this table is that you can use it w/o the legs if you choose. We started out this way. He loves music so this has been a hit!

We added the legs to work on pulling up and standing. A mixing bowl makes a nice seat (and drum).

This simple Little Tikes piano is his favorite. I picked it up at a consignment sale for $2. Perfect! They have a few at his daycare and he loves them! His face lit up when he saw we had one at home.

With his piano and mixing bowl drum. He loves music & to make noise!

Melissa and Doug have some cute toys like this one. Another consignment sale find!

Stacking cups and nesting boxes are fun too!

Next post will be his favorite things around the house that make great toys. I've love watching him explore at this stage. It's amazing to watch his mind work!


  1. Oooo Jack thinks this looks like a lot of fun! Great consignment finds!

  2. Looks like you hit a home run with all these new toys. The penguin cracks me up!

    I think Santa needs to bring him this for Christmas since he loves music and making noise so much! :