Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our stroller arrived!

How exciting to come home to a big box! After hearing rave reviews from 2 local friends about their Mountain Buggy's (Hi Jill & Dawn!) and reading other all positive reviews, we decided that we would like one too! What's so great about it? It's light weight, has a full reclining seat, one step fold, front wheel can swivel or be fixed, great maneuverability, the weight limit is high so we can use it for a LONG time, and I hear they can be steered with ONE hand (I think this is what sold Matt on it too). I found a fantastic deal online so we couldn't pass it up. We went to set it up this morning and I was sad to see that the rubber on the handlebar is cracked/damaged in one spot. I called the store where I ordered it from and am waiting to hear back from them. It's not terribly noticeable but I'd rather have one that is in perfect condition since we bought it new. Still... overall the stroller looks GREAT and I can't wait to try it out.
Here is a photo of the one we ordered. I love the Houndstooth fabric!


  1. What a bummer that it arrived damaged! I hope it's not terribly hard to exchange for one in perfect condition. I'm so glad you like the fabric though, yay for houndstooth!

  2. Yah for the stroller arrival! I hope returning it or exchanging the broken part went smoothly for you.