Friday, August 8, 2008


It's been a while since I've kept up with posting (thanks for the reminder girls!).
I thought I'd add some pics to document my expanding belly :)

Here I am at 6 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks

15 weeks and in maternity pants!

16 weeks at a Counting Crows concert. I don't think I look that big in person but the white ribbed tank accentuates the belly :)
And yes, we noticed that we have similar outfits on! We should really check to see what each other has packed before leaving for a weekend.

I had another OB appt yesterday. All is still well as far as we know. The doctor was surprised at how high my uterus is already. I didn't ask if that was good or bad but she didn't seem concerned so I'm not either. The baby's heart rate is still 160 bpm.

Only 3 weeks until we find out if Baby V is a girl or boy! We'll have a 4D ultra sound in the beginning of September. We are fortunate that our doctor's office offers 4D & that insurance will cover it. Unfortunately, I was born with a cleft lip so I'm nervous to find out if the baby has one too. We should be able to tell with the 4D u/s. I'd like to know before the birth so that if needed, I can be prepared to learn about any possible feeding issues and to contact a surgeon. I had 7 surgeries on my lip throughout my life. The advances since my procedures will hopefully allow for fewer re-constructive surgeries if our baby has a cleft lip too. I'm praying that it won't be necessary!

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  1. Its so exciting to see how much you're starting to show. Its amazing to see the gradual progression. You look great!