Monday, June 30, 2008

Playing catch up

It's been too long since I've added a post here. We have had a lot going on.

First, so far so good with the pregnancy. I'm still struggling with feeling sick all day but eating often is continuing to help. I fear that I'm going to gain too much weight but at this point it's about surviving the day, so I eat. I had my intake appt with the nurse at the OB's office and I hadn't gained any weight as of 6/16. My next appointment, where we hope to hear the baby's heartbeat, is 7/14. I am so anxious for that.

Some cravings ...
One night I was craving fruit punch like you wouldn't believe. We spent most of that weekend glued to our TV watching the US Open. There were 2 holes left and I convinced Matt to run out for fruit punch. After complaining that he had spent all weekend watching the Open only to possibly miss the final 2 holes, we made a deal. I would put my laundry away if he ran out for my fruit punch. It took less than 10 minutes for him to run to the nearest convenient store and he didn't miss a thing. I'm now realizing that I didn't even have to make a deal ... we have a pause button! Duh. Oh well, we both got what we wanted :)

Another night I craved a real hamburger (vs. my usual turkey burger) with A1 sauce. So strange!

Most recently, while in the grocery store, I passed by a jar of pickles and remember seeing commercials for a really crunchy pickle. I had to have them.

We celebrated my 28th birthday on 6/17. It was probably my happiest yet. I am incredibly thankful for where we are in our lives. On that day Matt emailed me a list of the top 28 reasons why he loves me. I have to say that it might be some of his sweetest and funniest work ever.

That weekend we traveled to the Philly area to visit friends and for the Pearl Jam concerts!! Another post about that weekend coming soon...

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