Friday, June 13, 2008

We SAW the heartbeat!!

Who knew that one tiny, consistent, flicker on an ultra sound monitor could make us so happy? It was AMAZING! The RE tried to hear it with the ultra sound machine but it was just too early. I cannot wait for the day when we get to hear that sound.

The baby is measuring right on track so far (Thank God) and we GRADUATE to an OB! It was a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the doctors and nurses at the RE's office, who have helped us so much, but it is exciting to move on.

My next appointment is an intake appt with a nurse at the OB's office next week.

I'm still feeling sick everyday but continuing to find things that help me get through the day. Now I just have to convince Matt that we aren't naming the baby Eddie after Eddie Vedder :) For the past couple of weeks Matt has been referring to the baby as Eddie. He isn't serious in considering this as a name for our child (at least that is what he's leading me to believe). We've agreed to name a family dog Eddie at some point in our future (any friends remember when we considered adopting "Eddie the toothless wonder"?).

We'll be seeing his hero, Eddie V, soon enough. We're taking a long weekend next week so Matt can go to THREE Pearl Jam shows. I'll be attending just one with him and about 10 of our friends. We're both really looking forward to it. Matt is excited to use that event to be the day we share our news with these friends. He's already plotting how he'll make the announcement.

I have been enjoying watching Matt become even more interested in learning about pregnancy. Yesterday he emailed me an article about morning sickness remedies. He's been Googling 'expecting a baby' and reading articles. Too cute!

Photo from our 2nd u/s... There wasn't much to see in the 1st u/s photo because the baby was so small. In this one you can see the baby on the right side of what Matt calls the black hole (a.k.a the gestational sac). So exciting!!!

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