Sunday, September 14, 2008

Matt felt the baby move!!

This post is a sappy, lovey, I have the greatest husband kind of post...

YAY!! Matt was able to feel the baby move tonight for the first time! It's so exciting! I have started to feel much more movement over the past week. I was sitting here at the computer (shocker) and the baby kicked several times in a row. I went downstairs and had Matt hold his hand near where I had just felt some kicks & he was able feel it! It was awesome to see the excitement on his face. I am loving this!

Earlier this week I was feeling very stressed and worried about our ultra sound report. I came home from work and saw that Matt had vaccumed the house. I couldn't help but smile because it always makes the house feel cleaner and I love that Matt takes it upon himself to do that. He does so much around here and I appreciate it more than he knows. Still smiling, I walked into the kitchen and found a pink rose, a note from Matt & "Eddie" (Yes, he is still referring to this baby as Eddie and no we are not naming him that), and a gift card to the salon that I go to!! A complete, very sweet surprise from my wonderful husband!

I called him at work to thank him and the sweetness continued. He said that I deserved a special treat after all the shots in my belly while we were ttc, etc, etc. Seriously, could he be any greater? I know you're reading this Matt... you're the best!

I was able to spend my gift card this past weekend... what fun! It was intended for a facial but I had a waxing appt scheduled and was running out of my favorite shampoo and conditioner (Pureology's Hydrate line. I love their products). I picked up a new lip gloss (Iced Mocha) and nail polish (You Don't Know Jacques - a taupe color) while I was there too. Hmm, both of the lip gloss and nail polish colors look different in person than on this computer screen. Just a few of my new favorite things for fall :)

It was a great weekend. Other than my salon appt ...
PSU won.
We got started on cleaning out the former office/soon-to-be nursery. Yikes, I can't believe HOW much we had stuffed into the closet in that room! There is still more work to be done.
We did a little shopping for our baby boy! Just a few items of clothing since there were baby sales at the Carter's and Gap outlets.
Made chili together (it's fall but it's still rediculously HOT and HUMID outside).
But still, the best moment was seeing Matt's face tonight after feeling the first kick!


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  2. Feeling the baby move? So exciting!! Matt and 'Eddie' are such sweet guys too. ;)

  3. So nice to come back from vacation and read your updates! So neat that the baby is moving around more now and that Matt got to feel him too :) It sounds like you really enjoyed spending your gift card from Matt and "Eddie", enjoy your new products!

  4. why are you not naming the baby eddie? that name sounds awesome. your husband sounds really great too, make sure to make him a nice dinner.