Monday, September 29, 2008

Current nursery ideas

I can't make a decision. I go back and forth over ideas, fabric swatches, and pictures.

I saved the following pictures of a nursery more than a year ago. I should have saved who the pictures are from so that I can give credit. I love this room. The white furniture, the green and blue accents... everything! I wish I could see the bedding in more detail too because from what I can see, it's something that I'd like!

Thanks to Jen for sending me a link with the nursery below. I love the different fabrics and the green walls. I found a similar houndstooth crib sheet and plain blue crib skirt. I'm just not sure if we should go that route. I could also change it up by adding a green polka dot sheet or other patterns such as gingham.

Plain blue crib skirt and houndstooth fabric for crib sheet (pillow pictured and obviously the sheet wouldn't have the pink edge).

Other crib sheet options to go with the plain blue crib skirt.

The pic below is from Hollywoodreg from Rate My Space

Now for another completely different option. A classic toile pattern with coordinating striped accents. It's blue and taupe. I think that I can still find a green paint color to coordinate even though there isn't any green in the bedding. What do you think?

Sooo...with white furniture...
Choice #1: Green walls, plain blue crib sheet, and different sheet options
Choice # 2: Green walls, blue and taupe toile and stripe set.

**Something else to consider is accessories and decor. It might be easier to find different kinds of art work (such as this adorable piece from etsy) if I go with the more plain bedding choice #1. I'm having a hard time finding artwork to go with choice #2.

I'd love opinions. Thanks!


  1. I have a feeling this will start coming together for you soon...very soon! Just a hunch ;)

  2. i really love both of your ideas. if i had to choose i would go with option 1. my reason is because you can accessorize better and you are able to switch it up with the crib sheets.

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