Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Belly pics!

Documenting the progress of my ever expanding belly.

27 wks

28 wks

Photo shoot with Matt to document the season and 29wks!

Then it snowed at 31 weeks so we took more pics. We need to get a tripod so Matt can be in these pics too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family visit

The week before my first baby shower my sister-in-law from Arizona and her family came for a visit back to Pa. It's always fun to see them, catch up, and marvel over how big our nephews have gotten. We had a great week visiting with them with events including a trip to Hershey Park, the pumpkin patch, the Coliseum, and dinner at our house where we played out back and used the smores maker in our kitchen :) . We wish that part of our family didn't live so far away but we hope to visit them with the baby next summer.

Uncle Matt playing wack-a-mole (his favorite) with 3 out of 4 nephews.

Us on a hayride at Ashcombe's

Belly shot in the pumpkin patch. 27 wks.

Uncle Matt and the boys playing football/wrestling. They love their Uncle Matt!

While all the nephews were over I cut out 4x6 cardstock and had them draw/color anything they wanted. I put the pics in this frame for the nursery. I think it turned out pretty cute! Sneak peak of the nursery paint color in the back ground of this pic too.

Baby Showers!!!

Weeks later and I'm still feeling incredibly blessed (and still working on Thank you notes. I'm sorry for the delay ... I wanted to hand make them all so they're taking some time). We are so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends. It was great to spend time with them and celebrate our baby-to-be!

The first shower was hosted by my dear friends, Jen and Charlene, along with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My mother-in-law graciously offered to have it at her new home. I was blown away by the amount of thought and effort that went into the shower planning. To say it was amazing is not giving everything they did enough credit. I'm still thinking about all of the hand made details and how nice everything was. We played 2 cute games and I think every guest left with a gift! The invitations were PERFECT as well. The girls went with a nest/baby bird theme. I LOVED every detail.

Here are some pics to show off their hard work!

Me with hostesses. I'm still waiting to get a copy of a better pic of Charlene, Jen, and me where we're looking at the camera. Sorry girls!

The group of ladies

The favors ... adorable bird cookie cutters and lollipop cookie rattles. Seriously, how cute?!

LOVE the banner and this photo tree! They included pics of Matt and me all throughout my pregnancy and ultra sound pics.

The diaper cake and baby clothesline. Can you guess how many diapers?

Like I said, I'm still amazed by all of the details. They are so thoughtful.

The second shower was hosted by my aunt and cousin at my aunt's new home in Maryland. I was able to catch up with old family friends, my aunt's friends, and my family. Some of those ladies helped send me off to college, danced at our wedding, and are now helping us prepare for our first baby. It was another great day! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people a part of our lives. It was fun to share the excitement with all of them!

A pic of Matt and I at home before I left for my 2nd shower. 29 weeks.

One of the few pics from the shower that wasn't blurry.

With my cousin Erin and Aunt Cathleen. Sorry for the dark photo. I'm not sure what was going on with my camera that day.

We're so thankful for all of the generous gifts too. Our little guy is stocked up with books for us to read to him, clothes, and necessary baby gear! It was fun to sort through it all in HIS room too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Head or Heiny?

Our little guy is certainly getting bigger. The movement that I can SEE across my ever expanding belly is strange and amazing all at the same time. I like to show Matt and watch him squirm :) His phrase for it is "it's beautiful but it's weird". Honestly, he's right. It's awesome that it's our baby in there and I love to feel his movement but it's strange at times too. It's especially strange when I wonder WHAT he's moving in there... my body parts and his!

For the past couple of weeks I've noticed & felt a bulge appear on an area of my belly. That bulge is either our baby's head or his bottom!!

I'm seeing the OB every 2 weeks. I seriously cannot believe that I'm getting THAT close to my due date. At this weeks appt she felt my belly and listened to his heart rate, which are all normal things done at these appts, but this time she informed me that it seems he is BREECH! He still has PLENTY of time to move so we're not concerned yet but I hope it's soon. His head in my ribs is not the most comfortable feeling but it's reassuring to feel him move everyday.

30.5 weeks.

7 years later

Seems like 7 years since my last post. I've been thinking of a lot of different things that I want to blog about/document on here but have been caught up with life. My job is in transition since we merged with a much larger company. I've been learning new documents and completing new tasks, all the while maintaining my caseload and trying to make sure paperwork is in order since I'll be on maternity leave in hopefully about 2 months (or less).

So ... 7 years later ... what I really meant by that is 7 years ago this week was the first week that Matt and I spent getting to know each other...the week we started 'dating'. It doesn't seem like that time in our lives was 7 years ago. Time has flown by.

On our way to childbirth education class on Monday night (we're doing a 4 wk course) we talked about how different our lives are now compared to then. We laughed and wondered if we knew then how our lives would be now, would we think we were boring 7 years later? We compared the differences:
--7 years ago this week our minds were focused on tailgating, happy hours, college classes, and all that the life of a college senior entails. Mostly fun stuff :)
--Now, this week, our minds have been focused on childbirth class, choosing a name for our son, making sure everything is set for my short term disability policies, planning dinners for the week, researching baby products, WORK, making plans and getting our house ready to host Thanksgiving. Not as much fun stuff but still an exciting time.

It's only fair to list some of the similarities in our lives from then and now too...
We're still spending as much time with each other as we can (that lazy time on the sofa together in the evenings is still my favorite part of the day), spending time with friends, and anxiously waiting for the PSU game on Sat (it's a BIG one).

Boring or not, we agreed that it's the way we want it to be. College was one of the greatest times in our lives but I wouldn't want to go back at this point. I'm thrilled with where we are RIGHT NOW. Being content is one of the greatest feelings I've ever known!!

Stayed tuned for pics from my awesome baby showers, our short list of possible baby names, belly pics, etc.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I think it was too cold last night for trick or treaters. We didn't have as many kids stop by as we usually do. I hope everyone had a nice night.

Here's another Fall/Halloween craft idea. I saw a pumpkin like this on the cover of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog last year and decided to make my own.

I bought a Funkin (fake pumpkin/craft pumpkin) from Michael's, cut out the bottom of it, drilled holes all over it, then put a strand of Christmas lights inside. I pushed a bulb from the Christmas lights through each hole (the lightbulbs fit snugly into the holes so I had to push and ended up with a blistered thumb. Make sure your holes are big but not too big for the lightbulbs). An easy and inexpensive decoration!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby bedding reveal!

My FINAL decision :)

The bumper, sheet, and skirt:

The bumper and crib skirt. I might change it up and add a plain blue crib sheet. I figure we'll need the extra sheets.

I like the soft blue trim at the bottom of the crib skirt. I'm hoping to find coordinating drapes.

The set I bought came with a changing pad cover, extra polka dot crib sheet, faux fur blanket (SO soft), a little lovey blanket, and a round basket. The 3 piece set (skirt, sheet, and bumper) comes with the rectangle basket. We'll need the baskets for the changing table so it all worked out.

I'm happy that the argyle pattern will still be in the room for the time when we don't use the bumper.

Thanks for your help girls!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Crafty bloggers

I can't quite recall how I found these 2 blogs but I read them regularly. They are sisters and share some GREAT ideas through their blogs. I find them entertaining and inspiring. Find Darby's here and Erika's here.

In the Spring I was inspired by their Peep wreath. I think Erika posted the idea and Darby created one.

I loved the idea so much that I created one/copied it:

I might use a thicker wreath form next year but I used what I had at home.

Well, this fall, Darby posted a Halloween wreath idea. Another great project so I had to create one too!

My friend had a pink feather wreath hanging at her baby shower in 2006 (pictured below). After the shower she hung it in the baby's room and probably put it on her front door as an announcement that her little girl had arrived. I know she spent about $50 on it. I'm hoping to make a blue one for much less! I'll hang it on our front door when our little guy arrives. I can't seem to find baby blue boas though. Most that I've come across are more of a teal color. Maybe I'll have to make a blue bow wreath like Darby's AU creation instead.

What is this plant called?

(Please ignore my sad impatients in the background. I didn't take very good care of them this summer).

While we were doing our planting this past spring I threw down some seeds in the corner. I honestly didn't think anything would grow so I didn't bother to remember what seeds they were. Well, much to my surprise, something TOOK OFF! It grew more than a foot taller than me but I have no idea what it was. Here are some pics. Maybe someone can help me identify it.

Here is the thick stem...

The top

Some buds

Unfortunately, most of the buds never bloomed because the frost killed it. Since it's dead now, do I just cut it down or pull it out? Can you tell I'm a novice? Hope someone can help.

Fortunately, the coral bells are still doing well as Dawn said they would. Thanks Dawn!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Love the Towncriers!

Another post in honor of NIAW.

Please check out these videos by thetowncriers on youtube. I could listen to them over and over again. Her voice and messages are profound but conveyed in such a wonderfully simple way. I wish I could figure out how to get them on my ipod. Any ideas???

She also has a blog here. Lots of great info!

I was surprised at comments that I received about my infertility even after becoming pregnant. I guess people don't know what to say or what they are trying to say comes out the wrong way. I'm certain that we've all been guilty of both of these. I take that into consideration when responding to comments. One comment that I have tried to let go of was "Oh, you must have just been more relaxed the month you conceived". It was difficult not to say "Yes, that was it. It had nothing to do with injecting a follicle stimuating hormone into myself everyday, monitoring the growth of our perfect little follicle through internal ultra sounds up to 4 times a week, monitoring hormone levels through blood work up to 4 times a week, or timing when I have sex with my husband!". I have no doubt that the mind is very powerful and plays a role but by saying relaxing was what worked not only discounts what we did to try to conceive, but it also places blame. If only I had relaxed for the year and a half prior, then would all of our issues resolved? NO. I'd love to know the amount of relaxation needed for the cysts on my ovaries to clear and for my hormones to balance out. I NEEDED help. Just like 10% of the population. It's not all in our heads.

Just one reason why infertility awareness should be spread.
Thanks for reading!

Adventures in pregnancy pt 2

Oct 4th, the 2nd annual trip to NYC with Jen & Charlene!! Such a fun day!

My view down at 24 weeks pregnant and baby's first ferry ride :)

We decided not to see a show this year so that we could get some more exploring/touring in. We went to Washington Square Park, which was unfortunately closed.

We did, however get to Sullivan Street! Thanks for the surprise, girls! They know how much Matt and I love that song by Counting Crows.

Our lunchtime entertainment after exploring the area and a farmer's market:

Central Park!

Grand Central Station. I think I saved this pic too small.

Dinner at Basilica. We really loved this place last year so we came back again. It did not disappoint. Penne a la Vodka was AMAZING!

We saved room for dessert a few doors down. I wish I knew the name of that little bakery. It was cute & as you can see ... yummy.

A stop in Times Square

Then back to the ferry and home.

What a great day! I'm already looking forward to next year. We've talked about going for a day of shopping or perhaps going on a weekday and trying to get tickets to see Martha!