Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting for snow

We saw this sled on sale at Target. We thought that we would put it away until we had enough snow to pull Ethan around in but once we got it home we decided to let him try it out inside first. Well, now it's his new favorite toy. He LOVES when we pull him around the house in it.

He also loves to sit in, play with the strap, play with his toys while he's sitting in it, and pull himself up on it.

I'm sitting here laughing as I post these pictures. This kid cracks me up!


  1. These pictures are precious!

  2. That sled looks like so much fun! Did you get to use it in the snow this past Saturday?

  3. It is fun! We didn't get to use it in the snow yet b/c we barely got enough to coat the ground. It would have been muddy. Still waiting for more.

  4. Oh bummer...I forget sometimes that your weather is different than mine, duh! lol We had a nice coating on the trees and grass Saturday, and now we have even more. I'm sure you'll have more than enough opportunities to test it out OUTSIDE in the coming months :) If not, you're always welcome to come use our snow, lol.