Saturday, December 31, 2011

Harper's Christening Day

We started off the month of May with Harper's Christening Day.
Father Snyder told a story about how the beautiful stained glass windows in our church used to hang in an orphanage.  It was the same orphanage his mother lived in.  He shared that he likes to think of how his mother prayed under the same windows as he does today.  I'm grateful that he told that story on this day.
Everyone commented on how well Harper did during the service.  It made me laugh because I wondered if they saw what I had to do to keep her content.  I never stopped moving even trying to pay attention and responding during the ceremony - there I was keeping my baby in motion while sitting in the pew.  Finally, Harper had enough and cried through photos.  Here she is with her Godparents. 
And then her froggy calmed her down.
I loved her gown and bonnet and can still smell the anointing oil when I look at this photo.
With her Great Granddaddy
Time to change into her party dress!!
So peaceful.
Ethan loved the ham, edible fruit arrangement (fruit on a stick - of course he loved it!), and his favorite - the cake!  Here we asked him where the icing went.
Looking at these photos makes me want to go squeeze her and smell her bonnet to see if it still smells like the she did on her special day.

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