Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adventures in pregnancy pt 1

I've had a few adventures over the past month that I'd like to document. FUN times!

First, we took a trip to PSU on 9/20 (22 weeks pregnant). Back to the place where we met, fell in love, returned to marry, and love to visit. We talk about retiring in State College someday.

Our trip back to Happy Valley didn't disappoint. Getting there was interesting ... traffic like I've never seen in that area & an incident with some 'helpful' parking attendants started off our day on a not so pleasant tone but the day only got better. We had GORGEOUS weather, a great tailgating atmosphere, wonderful friends to hang out with, and another WIN for PSU!!


Baby's 1st PSU game!

We loved our seats. They were HIGH up but plenty of room for more friends to join us! Jen's first PSU game too :)

Back to the tailgate. Our friends have a nice set up and we're thankful to be invited to join them. PSU decked out RV (very warm for colder tailgates), it is nice not to have to use the port-a-potty's, TV's inside and out (so you don't miss a moment of College Game Day or the games), yummy food, and of course beverages & beer pong. I was impressed with their new table... the cups sit inside little holes so they don't fall over -- so clever! Tailgating isn't quite the same while pregnant but still a good time!

After the game we visited the Nittany Lion statue, shopped downtown (picked up some PSU gear for the baby & ourselves plus the necessary stickies from the Diner), and stopped for dinner before heading home. It was a long day. I was surprised at how much this day trip took out of me. I was in pain and exhausted by the end of the day but it was well worth it!

And just because I'm feeling nostalgic ... some pics from our college days of tailgating:

Nov 17, 2001. Aww, the day we started dating.

A very fun Blue White game tailgate. It was obviously a rainy day. We didn't prepare with tents so we made one out of plastic, chairs and an umbrella duct taped together. We also made a pole out of beer cans & duct tape to help hold our tent up in the middle... classic college days :)

During our last year in State College. We lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment and still talk about how happy we were there.

Our first trip back to PSU after moving away. Another rainy but fun day in Happy Valley!

Looking back on these pics makes me smile. We've had so many great times in State College. We look forward to future trips back there as a family of 3! Our little guy is kicking away as I finish this ...


  1. What a great day for my first game! So fun seeing these older pics of you and Matt too. You guys are too cute.

  2. pictures look good.

  3. Looks like fun times for sure! Maybe one day I'll get to a game...

    and how cute are you and Matt "back in the day"!

  4. ps...where is part 2???