Monday, October 27, 2008

Crafty bloggers

I can't quite recall how I found these 2 blogs but I read them regularly. They are sisters and share some GREAT ideas through their blogs. I find them entertaining and inspiring. Find Darby's here and Erika's here.

In the Spring I was inspired by their Peep wreath. I think Erika posted the idea and Darby created one.

I loved the idea so much that I created one/copied it:

I might use a thicker wreath form next year but I used what I had at home.

Well, this fall, Darby posted a Halloween wreath idea. Another great project so I had to create one too!

My friend had a pink feather wreath hanging at her baby shower in 2006 (pictured below). After the shower she hung it in the baby's room and probably put it on her front door as an announcement that her little girl had arrived. I know she spent about $50 on it. I'm hoping to make a blue one for much less! I'll hang it on our front door when our little guy arrives. I can't seem to find baby blue boas though. Most that I've come across are more of a teal color. Maybe I'll have to make a blue bow wreath like Darby's AU creation instead.


  1. I've just recently started reading both their bolgs and enjoy them - so crafty!

    Any luck finding blue boas yet?

  2. You are too sweet Christina! Both are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!