Monday, October 27, 2008

What is this plant called?

(Please ignore my sad impatients in the background. I didn't take very good care of them this summer).

While we were doing our planting this past spring I threw down some seeds in the corner. I honestly didn't think anything would grow so I didn't bother to remember what seeds they were. Well, much to my surprise, something TOOK OFF! It grew more than a foot taller than me but I have no idea what it was. Here are some pics. Maybe someone can help me identify it.

Here is the thick stem...

The top

Some buds

Unfortunately, most of the buds never bloomed because the frost killed it. Since it's dead now, do I just cut it down or pull it out? Can you tell I'm a novice? Hope someone can help.

Fortunately, the coral bells are still doing well as Dawn said they would. Thanks Dawn!


  1. The coral bells look great! Also, your mystery flower looks like a Cosmos, which is an annual. I don't recall it having such a thick stem, but anything is possibly!

  2. I agree the mystery flower is Cosmos. I had a few I grew in a pot . . but they never got nearly as tall as yours! The coral bells look great too! I might have to steal that idea for next year.