Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 month wakeful

We've been trying to figure out WHY our son is not sleeping as well and WHAT to do to help. Ugh, who has the time or energy to read sleep training books while you're sleep deprived and caring for an infant? I'm so confused by them and have no idea which book to read, if any at all!

Ethan was previously sleeping 5.5 hours for his first stretch. One time he even gave us 7.5 hours. The second stretch of sleep per night was usually 3 hours. Not too bad. It's been more than a week and he's been getting up 4+ times a night!

Since he wasn't sleeping anyway we decided to transition him to his crib. The first night was sad for me as I was climbing into bed and saw the empty bassinet next to me. I could see his sweet little face on the video monitor though. He didn't seem to mind at all that he was in his crib instead of the bassinet.

We thought we'd try to break him of the swaddle too but that was a big FAIL. He went to sleep fine without it but woke up 3 hours later and would not go back to sleep until we swaddled him back up. For the past few nights it seems he would sleep through some of his wake ups if he stayed swaddled. Somehow he squirms out of the Swaddle Me. It's still in tact but he gets his arms out. Matt thinks it's a sign that we shouldn't swaddle him anymore but I'm not convinced. I think he'll wake up more w/o the swaddle or won't go to sleep w/o it like our trial last week. I guess we could try again.

I was reading another bloggers post about how her 4 month old wasn't sleeping. In the comments someone posted this link. I am SO glad that I read it. I forwarded it to Matt and his response was a thankful one. It made us feel normal and reminded us that this too is just a phase. It is Ethan to a T. He is very distracted during daytime feedings. Our daycare providers mentioned that he would eat an ounce, take a long break, look around, then eat another ounce. It took him more than an hour to finish a bottle. He's been more distracted while nursing too. It seems he's catching up at night.

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