Friday, May 29, 2009


Since Ethan rolled from back to belly last Friday I was hesitant to swaddle him. I swaddled him for a nap on Friday and frantically kept checking the video monitor. I was concerned because if he rolled to his belly he would need his arms to roll back over.

Friday night we decided to put him in a sleep sack instead of the Swaddle Me and give it another try. We tried this once before but he woke up 2 hours later and would not go back to sleep until we swaddled him. This time was much more successful.

I worry about jinxing our success by writing this, but he has been unswaddled for 7 nights now!! It's a big milestone in our house. I guess I won't need to go to college with him to swaddle him every night.

I can't resist posting this pic. Sorry for the nakedness. It was taken during his daily 'air time'. I love the look on his face. It's like he's telling me that I underestimated him. I did.

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