Monday, June 22, 2009

4 am is still night time in this house

I thought getting up at 5am on Sat and 5:30am on Sunday was tough. Ethan decided that 4am was time to party today. He was WIDE awake, talking, cooing, and smiling. Cute but we were not amused. We finally got him back to sleep by 5:30am and he was up again at 6:30am. On a better note, he only woke up 3 times last night. I'll continue to TRY to be as patient as possible and hope to see more progress with this No Cry Sleep Solution. Again, this method is not a quick fix but it's getting better. Watch, now that I wrote those words Ethan will be up 6 times tonight. We'll see.

Ethan itches his head and eyes like crazy while he's trying to fall asleep. I'm sure his eczema is bothering him but we're wondering if that is contributing to our sleep issues.

This is what we're dealing with:

Bad pics. He did not want to sit still.

He's wearing an Amber teething necklace in these pics, in case you were wondering. You can read about them here. We don't think he's in pain yet from teething but I wanted him to get used to it. He doesn't even notice it though, which is great. I figure it may help prevent some teething discomfort too. You never know when that will start.

I don't think I updated on here about my overachiever. It was not a tooth coming in as we thought. The pedi said that the white bump was likely a cyst that forms before the tooth breaks through. Still no tooth but I'm in no hurry for that to occur. I love his gummy smile. No matter where we go someone tells us that he is teething. He's always drooling and chewing. Some days he drools more than a St. Bernard.

Ethan seems to enjoy sitting at the table with us during mealtimes now.



  1. Not sure if you read Kelly's blog ( but her little girl Harper also had horrible eczema that was effecting her sleep big time..she blogged about what she did to help it and it really seemed to work..maybe it will help your little guy too??

  2. Thanks, I've never seen her blog & I love the name Harper. I appreciate the suggestion... we will definitely try her method.

  3. Anonymous here again. In my last post, I suggested Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I just found out these can be allergens too. Yesterday, the book I ordered from "Baby Matters" by Palmer came. I'd post the key points here, but i think you should get it too. It lists the foods that can cause allergic reactions in order of prevalence - corn and sunflower were listed in the top category. The book also gives a great explanation of allergy tests and how IGE is not the only factor to consider for food allergies. Anyway, it is a must read. I wish I had read this book BEFORE getting pregnant. I would have changed my pregnancy diet completely since my baby was at risk (i had a very mild atopic dermatitis as a child). One interesting fun comment the author makes is that atopic dermatitis sufferers tend to be smarter than average with head circumference at birth being 14 or larger :) This Thursday, I go to an allergist in Sparta, NJ to see what he has to offer. Hopefully, he's not just another lame doctor.....

  4. I went to buy sunbutter and saw that it said high in Vitamin E on it. I passed because I've read that soy intolerant individuals can have reactions to vitamin E.

    I hope Ethan is not allergic to corn because it is in nearly everything. I think in even more products than soy.

    Thank you for the book rec. I just read about it on Amazon and it looks very interesting. I'm going to order it. I often wonder about how my pregnancy diet affected these issues.

    Ethan has had a large head since birth :) Hopefully he's smarter than average!

    Good luck at your appointment. I will be interested to see how it goes. We are seeing an allergist in July.