Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cupcakes - a year later

No, not year old cupcakes...just something I didn't follow through with until more than a year later.

Remember this post? Well, I FINALLY made them!! And I think they were the perfect favor for Ethan's Christening.

First, it was a lesson in self control. I couldn't taste ANY batter, cake, icing, melted chocolate, etc. It was TOUGH. That is where the Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate cake mix helped out. My mother-in-law tried my 'allergen free' chocolate cake and I think she thought it was gross but I really liked it. My coworker commented that my taste buds must be dying off since I actually like some of these foods now.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes ...
I attempted to make them the way Bakerella did here and they turned out OK but I preferred this idea of hers instead.

Here are some pics of how mine turned out...

I heard they were pretty good. I would definitely make them again.


  1. These were amazing!! I know I argued with you when you tried to push half a dozen off on us but I'm so glad you did! ;) They were such a delicious favor!


  3. OMG, those look so awesome and so easy to make. I'm definitely trying these out as soon as I can eat sweets. Thanks for posting it. I hope you get to enjoy these things soon too. :)

  4. I bet they were awesome...still bummed I didn't get to try one :( Hopefully soon ;)