Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look at this face!!


These were right after our appt with the allergist on Friday. My tough guy with his bandage from the blood draw. He was all red and patchy. The patches on his cheeks were oozing more than ever.


Then here just 2 days later... a much clearer face already! He's been happier, sleeping better, and seems to be A LOT less itchy! His cheeks are still a little pink but no open, oozing spots, and they're much softer already.

Also, his 2nd tooth broke through over the weekend.

Matt and I keep commenting on how much he's changing. It truly is amazing to help and watch him grow. I've also heard a few people say that Ethan is starting to look more like me. He's been a mini-matt since birth but now his looks seem to be changing some. I can see similar facial features as I had as a child, especially his nose, mouth, and chin.

Stay tuned for some more pics and videos.


  1. I hope the progress continues! YAY E!!

  2. I'm so glad you are seeing progress! He looks so happy eczema or not. Gosh he's getting so big!

  3. He is sooo cute! I can't get enuf! His face looks great - did I say, he is SOOOO CUTE?!!!!

  4. Aww, I'm glad it's working and his eczema is clearing up :)

    Love the 1st picture under the "now" category - too sweet!