Friday, August 14, 2009

It's all for this

I wanted to share a series of pics of E that make me laugh. We were giving him some "air time" while he played. I'm sad that the pics turned out so grainy. I need more light in our living room or to adjust a setting on my camera. I'll need to pull out the manual. Anyway...
We put the book on his head and this is what transpired.

{baby yoga!}

I'm starting to lose track of what foods I've eliminated so I thought I'd make a list here.
Wheat, then all Gluten
Tree nuts (which I hope to reintroduce soon)
Fish (I don't care for it anyway so no plans to reintroduce)
Orange juice

For the past week I've given chicken and bananas a break.

That list isn't that long but when you think about all of the foods that fall into those categories it seems more limiting. We're finally back to baseline so it's time to reintroduce.

My plan is to reintroduce bananas this week. If E doesn't have any reactions after I eat them then we'll try to give him some. He is refusing rice cereal now. We tried avocados but he barely swallowed a tiny bite, spit the rest out, and refuses to open his mouth for any more. We're taking a solid food break for the weekend. I think he needs a break. It's been almost a week w/o hydroxizine. He's still itching some but not as much as he was.

I saw this site posted recently and found it interesting. I tried to put small pieces of avocado on his tray but he didn't even touch them. We'll try again with bananas if we can.


  1. These pics are great! He has such a personality and I love the chubby little baby belly :)

    You're such a good mama.

  2. He's an adorable chubby!

    I like that soft book you have. I need to get some soft books too. Right now, mine grabs for the books, but he can't play w/the hard books like he can w/the soft books.

    I'm eating plantains - I fry them in olive oil and add maple syrup. Lower sugar content than bananas. I eliminated oats and chicken after eating them almost exclusively when I first started this diet. Now, it's mostly rice and turkey. Bleh. we're similar in that bones gross me out too. Always have, but mine is not gaining at the rate he was - fallen down in the scale so it's that or elecare, & elecare tastes awful it hurt to swallow! tonight i try that recipe you posted. thanks!

  3. These pictures are the best! I love the one where it says "little one".

  4. I like the one where it says "little one" too. TOOOOO CUTE!

    Hey, that recipe you posted was great. I am eating the cake now. I accidentally added worchester sauce (mistaking it for vanilla) and it was still okay. i just added more vanilla to cover up for the worchester sauce. My L.O. has not reacted to the worchester sauce - at least not yet. YUMMMY!

  5. Thanks ladies. I love that Little One too ... like he purposely posed with it :)

    SAnon, I'm so glad that your cake worked out even with the worchester sauce :) sorry, but that gave me a laugh!