Friday, August 7, 2009

Month 5-6

Catching up on documenting Ethan's many milestones...
Between months 5 and 6 Ethan:
-learned to jump like crazy in his jumperoo
-got his first 2 bottom teeth
-started grabbing our faces with both hands and slapping our faces & hands.
Sometimes he grabs our faces and pulls them closer to his just to put part of our face in his mouth. The slapping hands is especially cute b/c it appears as if he's giving us "high fives".
-started rolling ALL OVER the place. This is his current favorite method of transportation.
-tried rice cereal for the first time and started eating it after a several attempts
-learned to transfer toys from one hand to the other. He's working on his pincher grasp too!
-gained another pound from 17lbs 11oz to 18lbs 13oz (when I started typing this at 6 months and 1 week he was 19lbs 4oz).
-started laughing a lot.
-started sitting up unassisted.
-learned to babble. He kept us up one night with A-DA-DA-DA-DA.
-visited State College, Pa for the first time.
[edited later to add that his eyes also got lighter between month 5-6]

I've thought this about every stage but this has been my favorite so far. He's so amazing!!


  1. What a big boy! He's doing so well!

  2. Such a happy little boy. Looking at his pics makes me smile. The fifth one is mu favorite. You can really see his personality.