Saturday, June 12, 2010

Developmental updates, 13-14 months old

February 25-March 24, 2010, 13-14 months old:
-upper right cuspid broke through
-ate tater tots
-started walking while holding our hands, then only one of our hands
-started walking more steadily with a push toy
-started taking bites out of larger chunks of food instead of trying to shove the whole piece in his mouth
-said bye then buh-bye
-making the "s" sound then laughing.  He cracks up when we say "ssssnake!"
-said "uh uh" for "uh oh".
-ate broccoli for the first time
-lower right cuspid, tooth #15, broke through
-started pushing cars
-repeated us when we said "baby"
-made kissing sound for the first time
-started walking a lot while holding only one of our hands for balance
-took a few prompted first steps between mom and dad
-started standing by himself for longer periods of time
-repeated us when we prompted him to say "up" and "hot".  Whenever he would whine for us to pick him up we repeated the word and asked him to say "up".
-started kicking a ball while we helped him walk (holding his hands and walking with him).  Yes, he learned to kick a ball before he could walk on his own :)
-took 3 steps in a row with our prompting (asking him to walk between us)

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