Saturday, June 12, 2010

Developmental Updates, 14-15 months old

March 25-April 24, 2010, 14-15 months old:
-attended his friend Jackson's first birthday party.  He napped through the first half of it!
-gained a lot  more balance
-standing for even longer period of time
-took 3 unprompted steps
-said "uh oh" all the time
-ate Oatie-O cereal (which contains rice and he seems to be fine with the minimal amount in it)
-took 5 unprompted steps as he walked toward a ball to kick it!
-celebrated his 2nd Easter.  He loved the plastic Easter eggs and called them "balls"
-since he couldn't have a chocolate Easter bunny candy or anything like that I let him lick some of the batter from his buckwheat cocoa cake (no eggs or other harmful raw ingredients so no worries)
-ate ham at Easter and really enjoyed it
-lower left cuspid FINALLY broke through which makes for tooth #16.  Once these newer teeth are fulling through it will give us a break from teething until his two-year-old molars start coming in.  Ethan has been teething nearly non-stop for nearly a year!
-learned he was going to be a big brother.  Well, really he has no idea but WE learned that we're having another little miracle.  More on that in another post.
-said "choo choo" for the first time.  He loves going grocery shopping and watching the choo choo in Wegmans.  We went to another store for a few things mid-week and he looked around for the choo choo.
-walked across a room on his own ... took about 15 steps
-learned to stand without the help of furniture or someone else
-learned to stand, balance, and throw a ball over his head
-started walking everywhere and barely crawling.  He went from taking 3 steps to barely ever crawling in 3 short weeks
-loves playing in the shower while we shower and then running around naked afterward.  This is the first time he ran/walked really fast.
-tried quinoa pasta but he wasn't crazy about it
-started eating oatmeal on 4/16/10.  We later learned that this was a huge mistake.  More on that later.
-started calling the vacuum "bubble".  He LOVES the vacuum at home and loves to chase it around while we vacuum but can't quite pronounce the word yet so it sounds like bubble.  Even though he loved the vacuum at home he was afraid of the one at school for a while but overcame that fear.
-ate chicken breast and enjoyed it
-Ethan had his 2nd stomach bug.  Poor baby was sick for days.  I was also sick from my pregnancy and we needed to rest on the sofa so I turned to the television.  Initially we weren't going to turn on the TV for his viewing pleasure (special shows just for him) until after he was 2 but desperate times called for help from the television.  First I tried putting on Sesame Street for him but he wasn't interested.  Second I  tried Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then a few other cartoons but he had no interest.  My son LOVES gameshows.  His first favorite was Wheel of Fortune but he also enjoys Family Feud.  Thank goodness for the Game Show Network!


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