Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dealing with tantrums

I would like to say more about these techniques but I don't have much time to post today. As I've posted before, we have been learning and working on effective ways to deal with Ethan's tantrums.

I came across this blog post and article. I finally had a moment to read it this morning. I have to say that we have been using these same techniques with Ethan (started before I read the post) and they are productive! It is reassuring to know that we are using research based techniques and have seen success with them. Choices, distraction, brief statements, affection... all positive tools!

I will say that depending on the tantrum, sometimes Ethan does need a moment or two by himself before we approach him again. We aren't ignoring every tantrum but sometimes we tell him that we will give him a moment to calm down/to himself (not expecting him to calm down by himself) and we will be right back. When we come back, we begin the other techniques and try again. This was suggested in The Happiest Toddler on the Block, which I also highly recommend.

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