Sunday, July 11, 2010

Developmental Update 16-17 months

It's hard to believe my baby will be a year and a half old soon!  He still amazes us every day.

Between May 24-June24, 2010 Ethan accomplished the following developments:

-learned to say a lot of new words.  I have a running list and his vocabulary is up to over 35 words (already posted.  This post has been in draft for a while).
-learned to run in place after we asked him to.  A family member asked us why we taught him this and the only reason I could think of is that it's funny to watch.  It's so cute to see him follow direction and move those little legs!  Yes, he's our entertainment.
-learned to hike a ball (another really funny thing to see)
-says "hot" for both hot and cold.  He was also saying "up" for both up and down but learned to say "down" too.
-we survived our first night away from Ethan.  We have gone to weddings and concerts where we've left him with family during the late afternoon and returned home after midnight, but we were never away from him for more than 24 hours before.  Ethan's great aunt and uncle came to stay with him and all 3 of them had a great time at home while Matt and I enjoyed our time in State College.
-is obsessed with playing outside.  He stands by the door and begs us by saying "owside".
-is mimicking us all the time.  Matt was doing push ups one day and Ethan tried joining in!  Now he'll practice his push ups if we ask him to!  Again, pure amusement.
-learned to climb down stairs in a safe manner.  He was attempting to go face first and it was scary!  After some prompting of "feet first" and "on your belly" he can safely make it down the stairs with our hands in reach, just in case.
-started walking up the stairs instead of crawling!  He holds our hands, the wall, or banister rails.  Watching him do this really makes him seem like such a big boy!
-says "two" whenever we are counting things, such as his toes.  He has started to do it on his own now too!
-recently started to enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
-has very sweet morning and bedtime routines.

Morning:  Ethan wakes us up between 6-6:30am. Matt brings Ethan, a banana, a sippy cup of water, and Kix into bed with us.  We DVR Wheel of Fortune from the night before and play it every morning while Ethan eats his banana and Kix.  After he's done eating he cuddles up to us for the rest of the show.  Every time a commercial comes on, he lets us know (usually our eyes are still resting) by saying "uh oh". 

Evening:  Play outside, dinner, play inside, bath.  After bath time we let him run around naked while we attempt to apply his lotion.  We put his diaper and pajamas on him.  Then we cuddle in our bed while we watch a few minutes of Deal or No Deal and he drinks his hemp milk.  We go to his room to read books and a few more cuddles before he points to his crib to let us know that he's ready for bed.  He's in his crib soothing himself to sleep around 8:15pm. 

We love that he is a cuddly kid and especially enjoy that time since he's no longer nursing.  I didn't think we would introduce television shows specifically for him until after he was 2 years old.  The two game shows (and Mickey at another random time, usually morning while I'm getting ready) have become part of our daily routine.  It works for us, we're ok with that, and I don't feel bad about it anymore.  He isn't being babysat by the television, it's for limited amounts of time, he has plenty of independent play and play time with mom and dad, along with other positives (outside, books, etc).  I saw a commercial for Jeopardy where a contestant said he learned the alphabet by watching Wheel of Fortune.  He said the act of the Wheel of Fortune contestant would calling the letter, Pat repeating it, and then Vanna showing the letter all helped him learn the alphabet.  Maybe Ethan will be a contestant on Jeopardy one day :)

Enjoying bubbles at Jill and Mark's Memorial Day party

His first time playing in a sprinkler and he LOVED it! I was surprised at how quickly he went to it and started playing.

His first time playing in a sprinkler and he LOVED it! I was surprised at how quickly he went to it and started playing.

Playing ball is still his favorite. He loves throwing and kicking.

First time in his pool.
All of his loves surrounding him... us, balls, bubbles, water, and music! We was playing the "air piano" to music our neighbors were playing :)

Running around at my surprise 30th bday party. 

Watching the World Cup with Daddy.

For the record, I despise the new changes to uploading pictures to post using blogger.  In each of my recent posts, I can't get captions under the photos, somehow a picture is posted then doesn't show up, and it's just an overall PAIN!

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