Friday, April 8, 2011

November 2010

 My modified bedrest status continued half way through November.  We were anxious to play in all of the leaves in our new front yard.  I set up a chair and watched Ethan golf through the leaves.
Here you are baby girl, right there with us!  Happy 4 month birthday today.  I promise I'll update this blog to include posts about you.

Lining up his shot :)


A day of raking and playing in the leaves:
He looks so tiny here.

Mid-month I was released from bedrest and the medication to stop contractions.  We didn't know if baby girl would arrive within days or weeks.  We had concerns about having a premature baby and said a lot of prayers.  I continued having random contractions.  Some were consistent for hours then fizzled out.  My hospital bag was packed and we decided that we were  ready whenever she was.

We started preparing the nursery.

While I grew...
 And grew...
And grew...

Ethan was very cute about my belly.  I often wonder what he thought about it and how much he grasped when we told him there was a baby in there.

We celebrated Thanksgiving but poor Ethan had a fever and didn't eat very much.

except a little jello (a new treat for him).

We decorated our house for Christmas.  Ethan was in love with "black trucks" at the time, so the 2010 ornament I ordered him suited this stage.

Despite continued contractions, baby girl wasn't ready so we continued to grow together. 
I was 39 weeks pregnant in these photos.  Our new house doesn't have a good mirror for self-belly-pics.


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