Friday, April 8, 2011

October 2010

October 2010 was full of fun activities, some difficult times, change, hope, and prayer.

We weren't sure if our move was going to take place but we spent time packing, just in case.
I took an online photo course to try and keep my mind off of the stress.   The weekly assignments were fun, I started to explore what my camera has to offer when it is not on AUTO, and I plan to take another in the future.  It probably wasn't the best time to take the course but I needed that distraction.  I'm sure I was quite a site - crouching down to get shots with my big baby belly!
This was taken to represent our soon-to-be Family of FOUR!
This represented a day in my life - driving to clients and errands, I can't live w/o my chapstick, I'm addicted to my laptop, and spying on Ethan while he naps (look at that bum in the air!  I love it!).
This was "shoot where you are".  Obviously we were at the park where the harsh sun was a challenge for me.  It was still SO hot in October and at 30+ weeks pregnant, I was ready for the cool down of Fall.

We signed Ethan up for his first swim class and it took place in October.  He loved it.  We walked into the pool area and Ethan immediately started leaning out of Matt's arms towards the pool.  
 He showed little hesitation in Matt's arms while gaining confidence and skills in the water.


Ethan loved the "slide".

We did Fall things like visiting the Fun Fort at Paulus's

We met friends for an evening out (also documenting my 30th week of pregnancy with baby girl)

We FINALLY settled on both houses and moved!!
 Matt was excited to do some yard work while I watched from inside

We visited the pumpkin patch

Less than a week after our move I started having preterm contractions.  After a non-stress test at my doctor's office confirmed that I was continuing to have contractions, I was sent to Labor and Delivery for monitoring.  Matt rarely has out of town trainings anymore but of course he did on this particular day.  I was frantic to get a hold of him but he couldn't answer due to a meeting.  Matt couldn't make it back in time to pick Ethan up from school.  We arranged for Matt's mother to pick Ethan up and keep him until Matt returned home that evening.  I was given two shots of medication to stop my contractions, sent home with the same med in a pill form, and instructions for modified bedrest.  Modified bedrest included time off of work, no unpacking, no unnecessary walking, etc.  The medication made me feel ill so I spent a lot of time on the sofa and in bed.  I needed to get out of the house and since the doctor specifically said "I don't want to see you out walking around Target" I rode in those motorized buggies!
Ethan loved the beeping they made when in reverse.

Finally, (whew, October was a long month and we had a lot going on!), we celebrated Halloween!  Ethan was a sweet, little puppy dog this year.  We met friends for dinner and a little trick-or-treating.  We didn't go far since I couldn't do much walking but it was just enough for Ethan to get some special treats (I ate most of them due to his milk allergy - at least that how I justified it).
I loved the way the little tail wiggled when he walked.

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  1. I always think you should blog about 6 months ago because looking back at how much Ethan has grown is just too adorable!! And I love seeing Harper in your gorgeous belly again :) Are you suuuuuure you can't have just one more??