Friday, October 16, 2009


{Not the fanciest birthday cake in the world but Matt seemed to enjoy it. Recipe below.}

My sweet husband turned thirty recently. I surprised him with a dinner get together with a few friends. I wish I had a picture of him, his friends, and his son sitting at the dining room table. It was like E was just another one of the guys ... only much smaller. I was really pleased with how the night went. Matt was surprised and everyone had a great time.

{Matt and Ethan on a weekend morning. Normally Ethan doesn't pay attention to the television but SportsCenter must have been very interesting on this particular morning. I love how he's using Matt as a footrest!}

{The three of us ready to go for a walk on Matt's birthday. I am one lucky gal!}

It's a creamy no-bake cheesecake. I really should have made the crust myself but I'm having a tough time making goodies that I can't eat so I'm shortcutting it when I can.

Beat 8oz cream cheese with 1/2Cup sugar.
Stir in 8oz Cool Whip.
Place in graham cracker crust.

I had cherry topping for Matt to add since he loves it.

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  1. You guys are adorable. I'm glad Matt had a good birthday.