Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Fall!

Fun with a pumpkin hat



    Has your L.O. outgrown his allergies. His skin looks great. Mine still rejects his Elecare, and i'm still on a restrictive diet. But his skin is better. Weight gain not happening much for me. Yours looks so healthy and soooo happy.

    Love these photos. Tantrum one was funny/cute!

  2. Thanks! This must have been a good day with his cheeks. Even when they're almost clear there are still red patches. I break down and use the hydro cortisone when they get bad... bumpy, oozing, and super itchy for him. His drooling doesn't help. He constantly has his fingers in his mouth and then saliva all over his face & it makes everything worse. I try to keep up after it. I cannot figure out what the exact cause is though... cats, rice (I've cut it out for the past 2 weeks to see if it helps him clear up), or what? I often wonder if it's our carpeting or his mattress. If he rubs his face into our carpets his eyes & face get very red and itchy.

    Sorry to hear that your LO is still rejecting elecare and that you're still so restricted. I haven't added much back in to my diet b/c I've been working on adding different foods into his diet. How is that going for you? Is he eating some foods? We're moving very slowly and watching for delayed reactions. After months he is finally ready and actually opening his mouth for foods.

  3. Also... any results from your testing?
    And how are the digestive enzymes going?
    Are you still taking probiotics?

  4. Sounds a bit like your L.O. is outgrowing some of his sensitivities/allergies. Yes,it's very hard to pinpoint. I also tried the rice dream milk again and saw a reaction so something is in it - maybe the sunflower oil (it's not very refined).

    I've been wondering if it's rice too - ha ha. We are in synch w/a lot of things. I decided a week ago that I was not going to use rice flour in my baking.

    I'm only going to eat gluten free oat meal. I still have to find this and buy it. I also use only maple syrup to sweeten my General Mills, Gluten Free Rice chex and I add frozen blue-berries, but I'm thinking he's now sensitized to the blueberries because he seems to get a light rash when I eat frozen blue-berries/fruits. Fresh blue-berries seem okay. Don't know. I know for certain that tapioca, potato chips, and coconut milk and things with ascorbic acid will get him flaring if I eat/drink too much of it. So, I avoid those altogether. but,it's hard to pinpoint...

    I am trying the digestive enzymes, but only with meals that I feel are hard to digest. Otherwise, if I'm already eating a simple, easily digested meal, the digestive enzymes make me feel a bit reflux-y (too much acid, I suppose). Ditto w/the probiotics. I'm not taking them or giving them to my L.O. regularly - only as needed (after a bad diaper, etc).

    I did the enterolabs test and the result were two genes for gluten sensitivity. Doesn't tell you much because 80% of us have these genes. But, this is enough for me to continue to remain gluten free until he's 1, and then 90% gluten free until he's 3.

    Our cherubs are so cute and spirited. thrilled to hear he's okay eating again.