Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rice & recipes

First, I wanted to get back to my post about my sandwich...
The bread I was eating was the Food For Life Seven Sprouted Grain bread. It is only 1 of 2 from their line that is soy free. Some of their other breads have soy oil in them. I wanted to clarify that just in case. It's always important to read labels. The other bread from Food For Life that is dairy and soy free is The Original Bran For Life Bread. I switched to this one because it's also rice free. It's tasty too.

Eczema... We're still struggling with this. I was wheat and gluten free for months but Ethan still had eczema on his face. Knowing that and the fact that he hasn't had any new reactions since I added wheat/gluten back into my diet makes me feel comfortable that he can tolerate it. I started questioning RICE though. Ugh. Rice is in all allergen-free foods! I've consumed A LOT of rice since this all began. I wonder if he has become sensitized to it. So, I've cut rice out for the past two weeks and will give it some more time before I decide. I'm hoping it will help his face clear up. It's tough... all those Enjoy Life Foods treats are free of the top 8 allergens but all have rice in them :( I miss the cookies.

Have I posted about this ice cream yet? It has soy lecithin in it but Ethan didn't have any new reactions after I ate it. Makes me wonder if he can tolerate soy lecithin now. In the beginning I had been concerned about guar gum too but again, Ethan didn't have any new reactions. Read about Turtle Mountain's Allergen Program here.

I stopped eating cereal and rice milk. I think the rice milk was making my stomach hurt. I still haven't tried hemp milk. I wonder if it would work in the cinnamon cake recipe that calls for rice milk.

I previously posted about this recipe for buckwheat pancakes. I've been eating those with real maple syrup and fruit for breakfast. Sometimes I think they taste like gingerbread pancakes!

I've been missing out on fall treats like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I did find some yummy & safe (by safe I mean free of offending ingredients) pumpkin butter at a local market. I've even put it on the buckwheat pancakes!

I'm going to try baked apple slices this week. Instead of a microwave, I've read a 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.

Ok, now I'm hungry ... time to go eat!

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