Monday, January 11, 2010

Ethan loves puppy dogs

It's really a shame that he is allergic to dogs because he loves them. One day I had the Martha Stewart show on in the background while we played. Martha was featuring some dogs who were up for adoption. Ethan caught a glimpse of a dog and was sold. He wanted that dog.

He tried to climb up the television stand to get to the dog :)

We have visited friends with dogs. Ethan either shows no allergic reaction or gets itchy around his eyes and mouth, depending on how much interaction he had with the dog. This weekend we stopped in to see friends and allowed Ethan to pet their dog. He didn't show a reaction this time and he loved her.

We hope he'll outgrow this allergy. I can't imagine him growing up without a pet.


  1. have you thought of hypoallergenic dogs? (i believe poodles are one breed)

  2. Yorkies are known to be the best breed to get when you have allergies. I agree with the above poster too, poodles would be a good choice. Dogs that do not shed would probably be ok. I hope he gets a dog too! Keaton loves Del and always laughs at him.

  3. So cute! I really hope Ethan gets a little dog some day too. Schnauzers are suppose to be hypoallergenic too but I know he's had a reaction to Lucy in the past. Hopefully he out grows his allergy altogether and we can have doggie and son play dates in our backyard someday. :)

  4. that's so cute! i love his little striped outfit.

    in terms of hypoallergenic dogs, there are also hairless terriers and italian greyhounds (we have 2). i highly recommend adoption!