Friday, January 29, 2010

Hope for Haiti

I didn't have anything creative or wonderful enough to donate to Craft Hope so I'm still shopping. Did you see Craft Hope's Etsy shop has raised over $27,000 for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti? That is fantastic!

We watched the Hope For Haiti concert on television last Friday night. We were finishing preparations for Ethan's first birthday party at the same time and I couldn't help but have a heavy heart. All this wonderful excitement over my son turning one year old then listening to stories about those suffering. I cried over the story about a man who waited 6 days and didn't give up hope that is wife would be found alive under the rubble from a collapsed building. When they found her she told the rescue workers to tell her husband that alive or dead, she loved him. That was just one story. I kept thinking about how there are so many other men, women, and children in Haiti hoping to find their loved ones, medical care, food, shelter, etc, etc. It's very tragic.

Ethan's daycare is gathering supplies to send with Missionaries to Haiti. We'll be picking up some things from their list this weekend. Every little bit helps.

I'm eyeballing some other cute things on the Craft Hope Etsy shop.
I wish this shirt was bigger.
How CUTE is this book?!
I wonder if Ethan would like Rufus?
Someone has to buy this beautiful necklace!

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