Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Due Date to me!

I could sing this (to the tune of Happy Birthday)!
I must say that there were times when I doubted I would ever get to be where I am today. I feel so fortunate to be here- patiently waiting for our baby to arrive. I LOVE being pregnant but in these final days I'm even more excited to meet our son.

How did I spend my due date? Working. Blah. Well, that and scaring one of my coworkers :) One of my cases will be transferred to her so she went along with me to a home visit today. She drove and every time I made the slightest noise that might indicate pain (some of these contractions are painful!) she looked frightened and threatened to take me straight to the hospital. I'm still here though... not in labor. I did think that I was possibly in labor yesterday. I even took off of work in hopes that it was going to be his birth day! I woke up several times with mild contractions between 10:30pm and 2:00am. Finally at 2am I decided to start timing them. I stayed up until 5am doing some paperwork and timing my contractions, which were about 10-12 minutes apart. I decided to get some sleep after 5am. They were still consistently 10 minutes apart until noon. Then they stopped being consistent. For the rest of the day and evening they were much more random... indicating that I was not in labor. Oh well, I had a relaxing day at home. Matt was home with me until noon so we cleaned the house, I gave him a hair cut, and then I napped and lounged around ALL day. It was heavenly.

I also have to post about how awesome Matt is. I haven't had many absolutely-have-to-have cravings but yesterday I saw someone drinking orange soda on television and HAD to have some. I called my wonderful husband at work and he agreed to run to the store for me. He's the best! Thank goodness his work is only 3 miles from our house. I made his favorite dinner last night.

So the weekend is here and I'm looking forward to spending it with Matt... relaxing until until "it's time". Soon enough, we will be PARENTS!

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