Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'll wait for him

I had my weekly OB appt today. After checking and seeing that there has been no progress since last week my OB surprisingly mentioned the possibility of setting up an induction date for next week. She wasn't pushy about it but said that they don't recommend going more than a week past EDD. I told her that I'd rather wait to see if he comes on his own. Inductions come with other possibilities/risks which she reviewed with me too. I've waited more than 2 years for this child. I don't mind waiting a little longer.

While waiting I finally uploaded pics from Christmas and after. Disclaimer... lots of pics posted here and our cats must have been very entertaining for me this month b/c I took a lot of pics of them :)

Kylie (my belly) and I enjoying the view of the Christmas tree.

Do you see those little ears?

They hardly ever lounge this close to each other. I don't blame them... the glider is COMFY!

I wrapped up baby gifts for Matt to open on Christmas:

A Halloween costume! I couldn't resist a clearance sale and it's cuteness.

He LOVED this. Thanks again to the etsy seller... see 2 posts down for her info.

A shirt for the baby for next fall. We both thought it reminded us of something Eddie Vedder would wear :)

I need to crop the kitchen mixer out of this one but there it is... my 36 wk belly.

37 weeks

37 weeks bare belly. Sorry to those who don't care for this kind of belly shot.

This one makes me laugh. His tushie is sticking out, and well, hers is right there too.

Lately she loves to lay on my belly. So cute! That's an undershirt/cami, btw. At first glance I thought my skin was a weird color.


  1. I adore the shot of your profile illuminated by the Christmas tree...such a great keepsake.

    I'll be sending thoughts to Baby V that he decides to make his appearance before an induction is necessary :)

    It's been such a journey for you and Matt and I'm glad to have been able to share parts of it with you. I'm so happy for you both!

  2. Great pictures! I have to say the Christmas tree is amazing. What a great picture!

    I absolutely love that little button down shirt . . how stinking cute!

    Your cats are just so lovable.

    I'm thinking about you and hoping induction isn't necessary. I would feel the same as you and want things to take their course naturally too. I've admired your positive attitude through everything.

  3. Great pictures Christina! I hope your little boy arrives soon so the induction is not necessary. I still can't believe how time flies...I remember all your posts back when you were TTC and look at you now!! WOW! Good luck in the final days. I can't wait to see pics! Hey, do you have pics of the nursery???

  4. Yeah I want to see those fabulous curtains I've heard so much about! ;)