Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nursery Pics -- FINALLY

I'm such a slacker with certain things. I've wanted to post pics of our nursery for so long but kept waiting to add a piece here or there.

As you enter the room. Please note the FABULOUS & PERFECT blue curtains Jen made for me. I couldn't find the 'right' blue curtains so Jen generously offered to make them for me (my lovely friends. Thanks Jen!). They really are perfect!
The sun is intense in here in the morning so we have black out panels to add as well.

Matt made this shelf in 8th grade :) The bird accessories were chosen by Charlene and Jen for my baby shower and I love that I can add them to his room decor. The silver cup is in some serious need of polishing. It has Matt's birth info on it. The 'first year' frame was a shower gift. My mother-in-law brought us the Eddie license plate home from a beach weekend this past summer. Both sides of our families still refer to this baby as Eddie. I'm not sure he'll ever get away from that nickname. The Hope star might be one of my favorite things in this room. I bought it when we were having trouble getting pregnant and felt hopeful every time I saw it.

Hanging above the dresser is something else Jen gave me. It was an adorable piece of scrapbook paper. I painted the sides of a canvas and 'modge podged' the paper onto the canvas. It was SUPER bumpy at first but it evened out. Before realizing that it evened out I had a meltdown, including throwing my shoe across the room, b/c I was so upset over ruining it. Pregnancy hormones? :) Thank goodness it wasn't ruined.

The bedding took me forever to choose but I'm really happy with my final choice. I love it!

Hope the pics were worth the wait. It's one of our favorite rooms now.


  1. Everything looks great. I especially like how the shutter came out!

  2. It looks beautiful Christina, great job! Love all the personal little touches ;) And I think the curtains came out just perfect - Jen does great work and I will be after her to help me w/ sewing projects, too.