Monday, January 19, 2009

Single digits! He'll be here soon!

I haven't updated in so long b/c I feel like we've been getting ready for him or thinking about it every moment. I've been working on meeting with my clients as much as possible, catching up on paperwork, and getting things set for my maternity leave. It will be so strange not to see any clients for 12 weeks!

Each weekend we've been running errands to pick up last minute things in preparation. We've also been organizing and cleaning our home. I've been keeping a few to do lists. Matt laughs at my lists but I think he secretly loves them. Every time I start cleaning out a closet he thinks that I'm going to go into labor that night. There have been a few times when we thought it might be the start of labor, but those pains must have been some serious Braxton Hicks contractions that ended after a little time, rest, and water.

Two of our dear friends were due with their babies on 1/19 and 1/21. One was born on 1/9 and the other is at the hospital, likely about to be born as I write this. So exciting!!

I haven't been too anxious yet b/c I still feel great, patient, and am enjoying this time. I think I'm going to miss being pregnant. I already miss the 'cute belly' stage a little...because now it's MUCH bigger and not quite as cute. Matt tells me daily that it is still very cute... what a wonderful, supportive, husband! Although, he also laughs at me when I waddle to the bathroom after sitting for a long time. When walking through stores I get a smile and sympathy looks from strangers. I may miss being pregnant eventually but I'm REALLY looking forward to meeting our baby boy and seeing what he looks like. I have a feeling he'll look just like Matt.

So, things are continuing to go well. I could still eat Mexican at least once a week! I also still crave sweets but I love sweets when I'm not pregnant too.

The baby has dropped down some but has some more to go. There isn't much room in there so the kicks feel much different than they used to. It's more like body parts pushing out. Actually ... check out this blog post.

LOVE it! That is exactly what used to happen to my belly. Now that's he's bigger it's usually an elbow or foot pushing out instead. It freaks Matt out (I seriously wish I had his reaction on video) but I think it's amazing!

4 days until my due date!!!!


  1. He'll be here soon! I can't wait to meet him!

    Hope these last few days are good to you :)

  2. I'm always up for Mexican! lol

    I'm so excited for you to meet your little boy. Its been exciting following your journey over the past year and I thank you for that. You and Matt are going to be wonderful parents. *Hugs*