Thursday, February 11, 2010

Activities around the house

Ethan has toys. Too many toys. We rotate them in toy baskets and around the house. Just like when he was smaller, anything around the house can become a toy. His recent favorites include:

{Pulling tissues out of a box and putting them back in. Don't worry, we weren't wasteful. We used those tissues after his game. Well, except for the few that he shredded.}

{Emptying Matt's sock drawer. We set him up here while we're getting ready in the morning and he's sure to occupy himself for a few minutes. I think he thinks they're balls because he says "booom" or "buh" with each toss to the floor.}

{Emptying laundry baskets is fun too. Here is helping me organize his clean diaper laundry. In the background you can see that he dumped over another basket back there.}

{Banging on the dryer door is still fun but throwing the dryer balls in is even more fun! He also 'helps' put laundry into and pull it out of the dryer. He is never left unsupervised here because he can pull himself up on top of the door and I'm sure would try to climb into the dryer/pinch his fingers/etc. Again, we hear "boom" and "buh" for ball during this time.}

{Unraveling the toilet paper roll. He kind of sings while he does it. Again, we weren't wasteful and we used what he unraveled. I think I let him play this game more than Matt does. I find the roll on the back of the toilet so that Ethan doesn't get to it. I put it back on the holder and smile, thinking about the next time Ethan will see it hanging there, calling his name.}

{He helps me change his crib sheets. Who am I kidding? He just likes to climb over the mattress!}

{Pushing buttons on the DVD player.)

{Loading the dishwasher might be his favorite task. If he hears dishing clanking he comes racing over. He loves to push the drawer in. Apparently he thought that his car, ice cream cone, and snack trap needed to be washed too!}


  1. HAHA he looks like the perfect mix of super helpful and super... cute :)

  2. maybe you should buy him a nintendo wii so he doesn't play with all the household appliances. just a thought!