Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ethan's First Birthday Party!

It was one of those days where I wish I could do it all over again because it was so much fun! I spent about a month gathering ideas and supplies then putting them all together. I think my favorite part of the day was looking around, seeing our close family and friends together again, and seeing how happy Ethan was. He loved the excitement and attention. I think attending his friends' first birthday parties the previous two weekends helped prepare him for his big day. He didn't mind others holding him, which surprised me because the day before all he wanted was Matt or me to hold him.

Here he is just taking it all in:

And humoring his aunts as they took photos of him:

After hanging out in the back of the room for a while, my aunt said that he heard my voice or Matt's voice in the front of the room and came army crawling down the center towards us:

I grabbed the camera to catch this cute site ...

I love his facial expressions in these two. He looks like he's examining what I have just put in front of him and wondering if I meant to do that:

Judging our singing abilities:

I loved the look of that candle but it was too heavy and wouldn't stay up in the cake so I had to hold it there.

This one cracks me up:

Cheesing it up for the crowd:

He was giving cheesy smiles for everyone, clapping with them, and getting them to clap for him. It was so funny!

Time to really eat this cake:

Post to follow with all the party details...


  1. You did an awesome job! Your husband loves you!

  2. Best party ever! That hot chocolate was to-die-for by the way!