Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Months!!

Ethan is two months old today and it keeps getting better. He has given us 5 hour stretches of sleep for the past 2 nights!! So wonderful! He is smiling, cooing, gurgling, and looks excited to see us! It's amazing. Sometimes it seems like he's about to laugh. It looks like he could roll over soon. He kicks his legs to the side with force when he's on his back. He doesn't mind tummy time for brief periods. I'm wondering if he'll roll from back to belly first or belly to back.

He still likes his swing for down time but I try not to put him in it too much since his head falls forward when he falls asleep in it. He prefers to sleep with his head facing his right side. He also looks to his right more often when he is awake. We're worried that his head is getting flatter on that side. We've been working on trying to get him to look towards his left side more often. He has started to enjoy sitting in his bouncer over the past month. This has been so helpful in the mornings. I can actually dry my hair and put makeup on now! He also likes his Soothie pacifiers. He's getting better at keeping it in for longer periods of time too. Since he's been feeling better he has been MUCH less fussy and even a little more cuddly, which of course we've been soaking up! He enjoys the songs Matt makes up and sings to him. Sometimes he likes when I sing You are my Sunshine but lately Wheels on the Bus has been a bigger hit with him.

We received a call from the pedi today. They tested his stool sample for infection and it came back normal. What a relief. I'll stick with the dairy and soy free diet and hope to see his symptoms clear completely.

Today he weighed 12 pounds 7 ounces!

Some pics:
I love these plaid pants

Having a serious conversation with his bears

During one of our talks

He LOVES to kick


  1. OMG what an adorable post! He's getting so big and you can really see his personality shining through in these pictures. I'm so happy for you. You just made me even more excited for Sept ;)

  2. I am loving that pic during your "talk" - so adorable!

  3. I just shared a "happy birthday" message on FB, then checked my google reader and saw your new post - yay!

    He's getting so big! I love all the new pics, especially the last one :) Adorable.

  4. Wow, he is really getting big! It's amazing how much they grow in the first couple months. He looks so adorable. :)